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THROW YOUR DIAMONDS UP: Roc Nation Trainer Travelle Gaines Knows How To Get Results

Every athlete knows the importance of having a trainer.  Someone who can keep you in shape during the off-season, and maximize your potential while you are in season.  For many professional athletes, that person is Travelle Gaines, one of the most recognized trainers in sports.  Through his company Athletic Gaines, Travelle has been able to build his brand by putting professional athletes through rigorous workout plans.

“I was a former athlete myself, playing both baseball and football.  So my knowledge of training comes from years of playing and working out myself, and taking the time to learn about the human body.  I started training while I was in Grad School at San Jose State.  I was only 23 years old, so I was the youngest trainer there.”

Gaines’s first high profile client was Reggie Bush.  His success with Bush quickly turned into his own business which was then known as Performance Gaines. This was of course before the social media era, so Travelle had to grow his business simply by word of mouth and client results. Things began to take off, and as the saying goes, the rest is history.

“In addition to Reggie Bush, I have also trained the great Tom Brady who is one of the hardest workers in the world, Jimmy Butler, Dez Bryant, Marshawn Lynch, and many more.  I do train kids as well, and have certain programs that are fit for different age ranges.

His success has even spread to areas other than sports, as he is also a trainer for Roc Nation.

“Through Roc Nation I have been able to put together workout plans for Jay-Z, Diddy, and even Rihanna!”

Travelle’s work is now being broadcast on a national level as a recent workout session with WNBA Superstar Candace Parker was recently featured as a segment on Lebron James’s Uninterrupted. With both basketball and football season approaching, Travelle will once again be in the gym with your favorite ballers (and possibly featured in more Uninterrupted episodes). Until then, you can follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

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