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SECURITY ALERT: Jamine Moton is an All-Around Playmaker

This Clemson Tiger is ready to roar.  Having earned her stripes as a standout basketball and track star, Jamine Moton is now conquering her goal of being an entrepreneur.  A former Olympian, Jamine is now the founder and CEO of The Skylar Firm, a private security company based in Atlanta but rapidly expanding across the country.  Her success with The Skylar Firm has led to the makings of another company called Hawque, which allows customers to schedule out security services, while also encouraging security professionals to further build their brand.  Jamine is most definitely a successful businesswoman, but being an athlete is a big part of who she is today.

“I started my own business called The Skylar Firm about six years ago.  We are a security company that does all types of security services (both armed and unarmed), and we are non-traditional.  In fact there is nothing traditional about my company.  There have certainly been difficult moments in starting my own business, but I definitely felt prepared for the transition from being an officer to now having my own firm.”

Before launching The Skylar Firm, Jamine served as a police sergeant for The Clayton County Police Department for nearly six years.  It was at Clayton County where she learned many of the lessons that have helped her with her business ventures.

“Clayton County was the catalyst for me becoming an entrepreneur.  Being a police officer gave me the grit I needed.  I was already fearless, but my officer experiences gave me my additional strength.  Working in a male-dominated industry made me realize I had no choice but to be stronger.  There was no room for complaining and honestly I based my own business off of police strategy.  I always tried to be relatable as an officer, and I am now the same way with my employees.  I think a relatable strategy is very empowering, and clients love it.”

Entrepreneurship does have it’s trying moments at times, and when the going gets rough, it’s Jamine’s strength and core values that keep her going.  She credits those values and her courage to both her parents and years of playing sports.

“My parents are the way I am today.  I played at Clemson, in fact I actually played against Niesha Butler when she was at Georgia Tech!  Anybody who knows me know I use the word mojo.  Mojo is the secret.  I have always trained and prepared, and I have found through the years my athletic mindset carries over to my businesses as well.  I have seven Hall of Fames, I am an Olympic Athlete, and I have found a way to merge what I learned as an athlete into my company.  With me, everything is an Olympic Sport, and I am going to train harder and push myself more than everybody.  I now convert that mentality to my business acumen.”

Despite having a busy schedule, Jamine still takes time to visit her alma mater, and speak with young athletes about the importance of preparing for their future.  While Jamine was a star Olympian, she recognized early on she was “more than an athlete,” and spent ample time preparing for life after sports.  Whether you become a professional athlete or not, the reality is, sports careers only last a relatively small chunk of your lifetime, and when it’s all said and done, you still have many years of life left to prepare for.  It’s currently Jamine’s mission to stress to athletes the importance of looking ahead.

“I always say I am more than an athlete, and I am continously asking other young athletes what else they are doing and learning.  My advice to them is to not believe your own hype.  I have always had unrealistic goals and a string of doubters, but I use those doubters as fuel to keep me going.  I tell these kids all the time to strive to be the best and do the impossible.  Nothing is out of reach, and I always say if the Lord shows it to me, then I can do it.  If I see it, than I can achieve it.  So I stress to athletes to never limit themselves, and realize how powerful they are. They can accomplish everything!”

Jamine certainly prepared for her future, and with business booming, she hopes to take over the world.

“I would love to see The Skylar Firm scale out nationally.  I love philanthropy.  I enjoy paying out my officers and empowering people.  From a personal standpoint, I want to be married with a couple of kids, and I have some political aspirations as well.  All in all, I definitely want to see The Skylar Firm scale out nationally and have a global impact.”

Jamine is certain to continue breaking down barriers for women in security.

You can follow Jamine on Twitter for the latest updates in her career, and watch her interview with GlenNeta Live here.

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