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WHERE ARE THEY NOW: Kickin It Old School with Wayne Gandy


Wayne Gandy is a former All-American and Pro-Football player that played in the NFL for fifteen seasons.

His career includes playing for the Los Angeles Rams, Pittsburg Steelers, New Orleans Saints, and Atlanta Falcons. Since retirement, Wayne has been a full time sports broadcaster for major networks like CBS and ESPN.  He also has his own radio show called “The Sports Joc” which airs every morning from 8am to 10 am.  We caught up with Wayne to see where he is now, and what life has been like after football.
Wayne Gandy doesn’t remember the first time he picked up a football; in fact if it were up to him, he would have rather played basketball.  In Wayne’s case, it was his 8th grade football coach who he originally thought was his P.E. Instructor.  His future coach randomly handed him a helmet, and told him to report for football practice that afternoon.  The coach gave him an ultimatum, he had to join the football team (which of course wasn’t true), and the rest was history with Wayne Gandy.

In high school he was ranked All-State, All-City, All-County, and All-American, and his standout performances at Auburn University lead to him being drafted by the Los Angeles Rams in 1994.

Wayne’s venture into sports broadcasting actually started while he was still in the NFL.  His neighbor convinced him to dabble into radio, and about a year after retirement, Wayne began working as full time broadcaster hosting his own show entitled “The Sports Joc,” and covering football for ESPN and Georgia State University.

He has also continued to raise his family.  His daughter, Phoenix Gandy, is a highly skilled tennis player attending Tennessee State University and studying to be a dentist.  There is no pressure on  for her to go pro, as Wayne says he is leaving that decision up to her.  He is however her biggest fan, cheering her on at her matches, and giving her advice whenever necessary.

When asked if Wayne keeps his own personal scrapbook of Phoenix, he said;
“Oh yeah, I have a lot of photos of her over the years. I go to her games and tournaments; I was just at one the other day! I have quite a few pictures of her playing tennis in my phone. So I have definitely kept those things.”

Last but not least, we asked Wayne if he had any advice for our young ScrapSports audience.  He stressed the importance of having an obsession with whatever career field you choose to pursue, and being willing to work hard to achieve your dreams.  He also emphasized the importance of having an education as in reality, only a small percentage of athletes actually make it to the pros.  So keeping your options open is very important.

You can keep up with Wayne Gandy on Facebook @thesportsjoc.

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