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ScrapKid Spotlight: OWEN FORSCHER

ScrapKid OWEN FORSCHER Dances Like MJ, Beats His Dad In Ball, And Crushes Fortnight

He’s a playmaker with a crossover as brilliant as his razor sharp thinking abilities.  Owen Forscher is the newest money maker on our Jr. Hawks Forbes list.  With dance moves like a champ, and a captivating personality, Owen is the real deal. With a smile like his, he is the kind of talent you want to see on television one day.  So who does this rising personality compare his game to in the NBA?  None other than Slam Dunk Champion and projected rookie of the year Donovan Mitchell.  With one Jr. Hawks camp underneath his belt, one thing is for sure about Forscher (bad pun intended) he is a future superstar in the making.

You can check out Owen’s interview with fellow camper Katherine Beck here.



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