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Jon Babul

Every business just like a team needs an emotional leader.  An energetic playmaker who can help operations run smoothly.

Jon Babul is the Vice President of Basketball Development for the Atlanta Hawks.  He is the main conductor in orchestrating the major Atlanta Hawks events you see throughout the year.  A former student athlete who dominated not just on the court but in the classroom, Jon combines his business acumen with his basketball experience to put together roughly 100 Atlanta Hawks events per year.  He also enjoys sharing his basketball knowledge as he often times jumps in drills to teach the kids.  Talk about an assist!  Speaking of Jr. Hawks camps, even his kids attend.  

Charities like the ALS Walk has a special place in Jon’s heart.  He takes part in it every year to pay tribute to his late mother. 

“It’s definitely been a cool experience to watch my son and daughter participate in these Jr. Hawks camps, and it’s been fun to watch them participate in the game that has meant so much to me.”

In addition to his community service, his wife Denna Babul is also making her impact felt as the Voice of Fatherless Daughters.  A power couple indeed.

You can follow Jon Babul on Instagram @JonBabul or get some basketball tips on Youtube

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