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It’s every parent’s wish to see their child accomplish their dreams. Needless to say, Jannae Walch is one proud mama. Upon realizing just how much her daughter Jordan Nixon has accomplished in such a short amount of time, Mrs. Walch became emotional,  reflecting on how she revealed the news to Jordan that she indeed was an All-American;

“I had told her to stay off social media the day the list was revealed. I told her to just go to practice and not focus on it. Then after she went to practice, I got an email and saw her name on the list. I called her, and she just couldn’t believe it.”

It was a culmination of the hard work Jordan had put in since she was 11 years old, the age her mother realized that she was not only destined for a basketball career, but that ball was indeed life for Jordan.  Though her daughter has committed to the University of Notre Dame and has a bright basketball future ahead of her, her mother is most impressed with her kind and generous heart.

“Jordan is extremely giving and caring. She also has a 4.3 GPA. She works hard, but above that she has a great heart, and she cares for people. She also wants to be a Veterinarian because animals can’t communicate what’s wrong with them like humans can. She’s just an amazing girl.”

Jordan is indeed an amazing girl. Be sure to stay tuned to Scrap Sports as we have an exclusive interview with Jordan Nixon.

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