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Mt. ZION: The All American Powerhouse

The McDonald’s All-American game is now officially less than a week away, and with that being said, it’s now time to spotlight one of the most popular players from this coveted roster; Zion Williamson. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because it is. This highly touted 6”9 269lb powerhouse first captured national attention when he “dropped his mixtape” on YouTube a couple of years ago.

Audiences were wowed with Zion’s freakish athletic abilities and NBA 2K basketballs skills dubbing him “The Human Highlight Reel.”

Zion rightfully earned his five star recruit title and the aggressive recruiting offers soon followed. Clemson, Duke, and UNC came knocking, and on January 20th, Zion officially committed to joining the brotherhood at Duke rounding out one of the more talented Duke recruiting classes of all time (and that’s saying something). This soon to be Blue Devil is sure to light up the court with his flashy footwork and unique ball handling , but for now, he is focused on cementing his personal legend in this historic All-American Classic. Be sure to stay tuned to ScrapSports as we follow Zion on his journey.

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