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CAM REDDISH: Gentle Giant Turned Incredible Hulk

The McDonald’s All American game is taking place at the Phillips Arena in Atlanta on March 28th. Each week Scrapsports will be previewing a few players from both the men and women’s squads to get you prepared for the big event. Up first in the lineup is a 6-8, 203lb freight train named Cam Reddish. A five-star recruit, Cam is known as the silent attacker. A quiet gentle giant in the school hallways, and the Incredible Hulk on the basketball court. With a lethal Eurostep dripped in finesse, and a flashy jumper, Cam Reddish is silky smooth. He is also incredibly fast. His basketball skills had many recruiters from the top schools in the nation fighting over him, and in November, the Westtown High senior announced that he was taking his talents to Duke to play under the legendary Mike Krzyzewski, joining a very talented 2018 Duke Class. The future is bright for this young superstar, but for now, we’ll see how he shows out in this legendary All-American Classic. Stay tuned to Scrapsports as we follow Cam on his basketball journey.

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