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For many decades we have seen the sports and entertainment industry go hand in hand with one another.  In fact, there are many actors, singers, rappers etc., who once played sports during their childhood, and often credit being an athlete to their overall mentality and toughness.  For musicians Jetty and June 10th, that same athletic mentality is what fuels their creativity as musicians.  With their album “On A Jet In June” released this past July, both Jetty and June are celebrating a new milestone in their career.

June: ” We were originally going to make individual projects, and then while we were working in the studio, we made a song together.  From there we decided to make an album.”

Jetty: ” We just vibed in the studio and made music that sounded good.  We are both very hands on when it comes to our music, so we were in the studio for hours writing and producing our own material.  It took us a couple of months to finish the album.”

Like many artists, Jetty and June are perfectionists dedicated to their craft, often spending hours recording, writing, producing, and pushing themselves until they know they have put forth their best work.  While June was the athlete growing up, Jetty also possesses an athlete’s frame of mind.  For June in particular, both music and sports have been his sanctuary at different times in his life.

June: “Growing up I was an athlete.  I started out boxing, and then I played basketball and football as well.  I played alongside great talents like Mike Conley Jr. and Greg Oden, and have even played ball in eight different countries.  Being an athlete taught me how to deal with adversity, and perserve through tough situations.  When it comes to music, this is actually something I’m relatively new to.  My father passed away, and I started finding different ways to express myself.  For me, music has always been an outlet and an inspiration.  I love music and I am completely inspired by artists such as Jetty, who are dedicated to their work, and just talented.  Me personally, I am a perfectionist.  I will go into the studio at three or four in the morning and work on vocals, mixing, mastering, etc.  We pay attention to every single detail, and make sure things are right when it comes to our music.”

The importance of music in sports can’t be underestimated.  Many athletes use certain songs to get them hyped up before games, and often times you will hear music being played not just prior to games, but during games as well.  Music is apparently so powerful that it can even throw off the energy of a team.  During a 2017 matchup between the New York Knicks and Golden State Warriors, the Knicks Organization opted to not play music during the first half of the game.  As a result, both teams looked sloppy, and the Warriors players even went as far as to call the game “bizarre” and “pathetic.”

Jetty: ” Music gives you a feeling and a rhythm.  What you listen to during a game is going to fuel you personally, that’s why music is so important for athletes because it’s going to determine their mindset heading in to the game.”

June: ” I agree.  When I was playing there were a lot of artists that I listened to before games to hype me up.  Music is very powerful, and a lot of people think that athletes can’t hear the music playing in stadiums and arenas because it’s so loud, but even if the athletes can’t hear the music, they can feel it.”

Every musician has their own set of influences that have impacted their work, and while Jetty and June have their own style and flavor, there have been many artists that have inspired them.

Jetty: “I have been inspired by every great artist out there.  Artists who have been unafraid to create and experiment with new sounds.  Authenticity is a big thing for me.  My biggest influences have been Andre 3000, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and people who have been creative in their work.”

June: “Music raised me.  It’s what got me through my father’s passing, and it’s been a huge part of my life.  Of course Lil Wayne, Two Chains, Travis Scott, and Drake have been big inspirations for me.  I am also an old-school guy so I listen to rappers like Slick Rick.  What Jetty and I try to do is fuse old-school with a more modern sound.”

It’s been a whirlwind for Jetty and June over the last several months.  The tables have turned, and now it’s their music being played in arenas and used as hype anthems.  For June, the possibility of performing at the same places he once played in is almost overwhelming.

June: ” The feeling is crazy!  I’m really trying to work as hard as I can, and I want the world to hear our music.  We just did a show, and people knew the words to our songs.  It was amazing!  I want for the world to hear our story.  It’s not all about the money, it’s about the music, and connecting with people.”

Jetty: ” I want to be one of the top artists in the world, and have people going crazy when we perform.  I also want to be in better position to take care of my family, and grow as an artist.”

From playing in arenas to performing in them, kind of funny how life works.

Be sure to follow both Jet and June on their Instagram pages @june_10th and @jetstayhigh. You can also purchase their album here.

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