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Samantha Gordon is best known as a YouTube star, having gone viral at the age of nine after her father put up a highlight reel of her playing running back for her local little league football team.  Now at age 15, she continues to make waves.  During the past year, Samantha and members of her all-girl football league filed suit in Utah to force three Salt Lake City school districts to offer girls’ football as a varsity option for female students.  Gordon’s suit is based on Title IX, a federal law that does not allow gender-based bias in any educational program which includes sports.  In 2015, Gordon founded The Utah Girls Tackle Football League, a first in the country.  Over 200 girls have since enrolled, and with so many willing participants Samantha has continued the fight for girls to play the sports they love.  Even though the case is still pending the football league continues to grow and Sam continues her fight to bring girls’ football to Utah.

Samantha’s efforts have not gone unnoticed, especially by the NFL.  During Super Bowl 53, the NFL released a commercial celebrating the upcoming 100th anniversary. The concept was comical; a gala celebrating the NFL turns into a pick up a game with some of the league’s best players. You can find Samantha here.

Be sure to follow Samantha and her fight on her Instagram and Twitter and you can view Samantha’s interview on Good Morning America here.

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