Editor’s Note: My Love & Basketball

My Parents’ Love Shown Through Sports Mementos

As I sit down to write the first Editor’s Note for ScrapSports, I am filled with so much emotion.  ScrapSports was born out of the tears and laughter brought on by memories left by my mom, of my early sports career.  When my mother passed away, I had to clean out her home, and I was surprised to find she kept everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING.

She kept my first magazine cover on the Village Voice, my first Player of the Year award (shared with Ron Artest), a picture of my first national interview with Robin Roberts, my 40-pt game sneakers vs Florida State, my first All-Star game where my shirt was bigger than I was, a cut out of  USA TODAY 8th grade special All American selection, she even framed a 2nd place ribbon I thought I had thrown away.   The pain of missing my mom was ENORMOUS, but even in her death, she was still giving me love and laughter.    She froze time, and I was able to reminisce about my childhood sports memories with my dad.  Unfortunately, some of the items were destroyed by mold, but luckily, I was able to take a picture of the picture to save some of my most treasured sports moments.  These photos truly mean the world to me, and as I flipped through those pictures they prompted me to call my dad to ask him if he remembered a formidable opponent affectionately named  “pigtails” (Kara Lawson now ESPN Analyst) or if he recalled the flight back from an AAU tournament with my Liberty Belles’s teammate Sue Bird, Antionette Siatta and Jessica Burch where somehow we kept singing Frank Sinatra’s song Start Spreading the News.  I then reached out to some of my teammates from Columbia Prep, Riverdale Country School, and Georgia Tech because no matter how old you become, or how many years pass without contact, the bond between teammates can never be broken.   I guess it’s something about running suicides and getting yelled at by coach together that formulates a bond that lasts a lifetime.

I wanted to find out if any of my teammates had additional images I could digitize.  I wanted to share with friends, family and maybe one day my future kids.  This experience was the inspiration which led to the creation of ScrapSports, a digital platform where parents, teammates, and coaches ( the entire sports community) can share, create, and store their sports memories.  I am so glad my dad was unbothered that I was annoyed by him snapping photos or that everyone knew my mom was THAT mom who always had a camera taking pictures of her baby girl.  Like seriously, they dressed me up in full uniform regalia on a Saturday morning propped me on a random car to take a photo of me and my first AAU trophy.  These were my parents, and looking back I’m so glad they stayed true to who they were.   Scrapbooking my sports journey was one of the best gifts my parents have ever given me. 

To all of the parents who record ALLLLL of their kid’s sports memories, okay, I get it now.  Keep doing what you do because one day that kid will grow up, look back, and be so grateful you took the time to Scrapbook their memories.  Trust me; I am that kid. 

I hope you guys enjoyed a little piece of my sports history my mom gifted me with, and I wish you the kind of love I felt as you experience, chronicle, and share your special sports memories on ScrapSports!

So for my first Editor’s Note, I wanted to give a shoutout to my parent’s and all of the other parents who are actively involved in their kids’ sports journey.  This one is for you!