Trevor Lawrence: A Trailblazing Football Talent on the Rise

Scrap Sports

From breaking rookie touchdown records, to defeating Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, The Houston Texan’s Deshaun Watson has very much made his presence felt in the NFL season thus far. But Mr. Watson is about to experience being on the opposite side of things for once, as there is a very special football player on the verge of breaking HIS record.
Meet Trevor Lawrence, the Cartersville High School 6”6 208lb quarterback who is Number 2 in the high school recruiting class of 2018. The modern day Fabio, Trevor is the textbook definition of a “pretty boy.” However there is nothing “pretty” about him when he hits the football field. With his gritty style of play, and razor sharp leadership abilities, Trevor is a show stopping must see marquee player who is being deemed the NFL’s most talked about rookie. Well, this “rookie” is about to have more people talking as he is just 631 yards and 16 touchdowns away from breaking the very record Deshaun Watson set in Georgia for completed passes while in high school.
With a full two months left in the regular season, it’s safe to say that Trevor Lawrence has a legitimate shot at breaking that record, and with Trevor officially committing to be “All In” at Clemson this past December, he just might be breaking some more of Deshaun Watson’s records in the future. For more on Trevor Lawrence, be sure to follow Scrapsports as we continue to keep an eye on this future NFL star in the making.