Peytan Pugh: The Athletic Phenomenon With an Adorable Smile and Ferocious CrossOver

Scrap Sports

When she shoots, she scores, and when she touches down on the football field, it’s an automatic touchdown. So who is this girl? Meet Peytan Pugh, the soon to be seven year old athletic phenom dominating in the world of basketball and flag football. With Bambi eyes and an adorable smile, Peytan is kicking butt and taking names while she’s at it, but don’t let the innocent face fool you. Peyton is an assassin on the prowl.
With Candace Parker handles, and a running game similar to Odell Beckham Jr, Peytan is star who shines brightest on the basketball court and the football field. Not to mention, she is the only girl on her team. If you think she should stick to cheerleading and ballet, think again because Peytan isn’t interested. She would rather have a basketball in her hands than a doll, and would rather shop at Foot Locker than Toys “R”Us. She is however an avid reader, which means you should be careful because she will read your defense like a book.
Despite the unordinary talents, Peytan is very much an ordinary girl. She is a well- rounded intelligent child that goes to school every day, likes to play games on the computer, loves “Henry Danger”, and like most of us, loves McDonalds. She even suffers from shyness when she is in class, but like many rare talents, she transforms when she is in her element. It’s that very transformation that makes Peytan a bonafide star. So be sure to follow along with ScrapSports on her journey because this isn’t the last time you will hear the name Peytan Pugh.
Check her in action