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DEGREER HARRIS: Using Soccer and Academics to Accomplish His Dreams

There is an age-old saying that goes “never put all your eggs in one basket.”  Nobody is more familiar with that saying than DeGreer Harris, a standout soccer star with a 4.0 GPA to match.  Having developed a passion for the game of soccer early, this Charles Drew Charter School student has been making waves with his dominance and leadership skills.  DeGreer, however, has never been content with just being an athlete, he has always wanted to be more.

“I started playing league soccer in the fifth grade.  There was never any real defining moment for me in terms of when I felt like I had something special in soccer.  I just knew I loved it, and wanted it to always be a part of my life.  I also played golf, tennis, and cross country as well.”

Having recognized just how important school really is, DeGreer really began to buckle down realizing that he would need to learn a bit about balance.  It wasn’t easy, but DeGreer managed to continue to improve his grades all while juggling a hectic soccer schedule and taking college courses in high school.

“It has just been a lot of prioritizing and scheduling.  In middle school, I wanted to improve my grades even more, so I had to become strict about my scheduling and timing.  It’s really tough, but it can be done!”

DeGreer’s hustle and dedication have certainly paid off.  As of this writing, he has been accepted into Stanford, MIT, Princeton, Columbia, UC Berkeley, Georgia Tech, Washington University, Case Western Reserve, and UC Irvine.  Every single one of those schools are incredibly difficult to get into, and while you may be thinking that some of those acceptances are via athletic scholarships, in actuality, they are academic acceptances based off of his GPA and overall body of work.  On top of soccer and school, DeGreer also manages to fit an internship into his busy schedule.  It is here where he is getting valuable experience in his career field of Material Science and Engineering.

“In addition to soccer, I have a research internship at Georgia Tech in material science through a GA Tech program called Project Engages.  I have also taken classes at Georgia State.  Right now I work at Georgia Tech under my mentor, and we are working on a device called at Memristor (a multi-layered nano scaled electronic device) which has been really interesting.  I always knew I wanted an engineering pathway.  I was in STEM in high school.”

There is just one thing that DeGreer needs help with.  Only one of these universities have offered him full funding to attend, and with all of the hard work he has put in, very few are more deserving of an opportunity to attend these prestigious universities than DeGreer himself.  Nobody is more familiar with that grind than DeGreer’s parents.  His Dad notes:

“DeGreer has maintained a 4.0 GPA and has always been very hardworking in soccer, academics and other extracurricular activities.  He’s been accepted to Stanford, MIT, Princeton, Columbia, etc. and has a full scholarship to Washington U.  He has played soccer for seven years at both the club and school level, and is now a co-captain of his H.S. team.  He really is a great kid.”

One thing is for sure about DeGreer Harris, he is a leader who creates his own path.  DeGreer doesn’t have any social media accounts because he chooses to focus his time on soccer and his education, so we will be sure to update you on which school he decides to attend.

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