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Being the only girl on your team comes with an extreme amount of pressure.  There are a lot of eyes watching you, and tons of expectations.  Ashton Byars knows a little bit about having the weight of the world on her tiny shoulders.  As the only girl not just on her team, but often times one of the few girls in her little league period, Ashton has to deal with an intense amount of scrutiny, doubters who don’t believe she should even be on the same field as boys, taunts from opposing teammates, and even parents (yes unfortunately parents).  Yet Ashton Byars handles that pressure with the same grace and poise she has when she’s at bat.  At 5”1 she’s small, but on the field, she’s a giant.  Ashton is simply a home-run hitting magician who’s incredibly quick with a precise throw, and a powerful catch.  Her attitude is contagious as she consistently pushes herself and her teammates to be at their very best, and is often cited as being one of the emotional leaders of the team.  At some point, Ashton will no longer be on the boy’s team and will take her talents to softball, but the lessons and toughness she has learned now will certainly carry over.

You can watch Ashton in action here.

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