About Us

Welcome to ScrapSports. the leading destination for online sports scrapbooking. A global platform to build your brand, share your story, providing you with the latest in amateur sports through news and profiles.

ScrapSports began when founder Niesha Butler was having a heated discussion with her dad over who is the greatest player of all time. They still haven't figured out who is the GOAT but she did realize it would be great if there was a sports specific site where she didn‘t have to wade through anything else but sports profiles and could discover the back story of all the dinosaurs her dad mentioned. Eureka! ScrapSports was born.

Niesha Butler is the CEO and founder of ScrapSports. She is responsible for the company's overall vision, brand as well as day-to-day operations.

Prior to building ScrapSports. She worked for TMZ and CBS as a sports reporter and played professional basketball for FIBA Europe. She was an All American basketball player and graduated from Georgia Tech. She serves on the board of Georgia Tech Alumni Association and Pink Armour of God. She taught Ruby on Rails and HTMLS for Kids Code Tech Talent South.