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Welcome to ScrapSports, the most comprehensive sports scrapbooking platform. Whether you are a parent searching for a one stop shop to find information and safe keep all of your kids sports memories or a old timer who wishes to reminisce on the “good ole days” ,  ScrapSports is the safe place to post, share, and archive all sports memories, achievements, and freeze that place in time when we ALL just played for the love of the game.



ScrapSports was built by Niesha Butler, a professional basketball player/sports reporter turned tech entrepreneur.  The idea for ScrapSports was born when Niesha discovered a scrapbook on her own career her mother had created.  After seeing all the old news clips, she knew the time had come to bring this form of memory making into the digital age.

As a Georgia Tech student-athlete, Niesha consistently broke scoring records and won awards in both high school and college, leading to professional playing opportunities in the WNBA and FIBA Spain’s Premier Division. Her sports career ultimately paved the way for Niesha to transition to becoming a television and radio sports analyst for CBS Radio and TMZ and now ScrapSports.

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Faizan Chughtai is the man with the technical plan.  He is a graduate of  Forman Christian College and keeps ScrapSports tech running smoothly.


Jael Rucker is a Scrap Sports reporter and writer who joined ScrapSports in October 2017. She has also served as a sideline reporter for Georgia State on ESPN3. A former athlete herself, Jael brings a lot of sports knowledge and tenacity to her reporting and aims to tell the stories of athletes in a creative unique manner.  Be sure to follow Scrap Sports to see the latest sports updates from Jael.

Amber Thomas is a gifted and passionate writer who brings a unique skill set to ScrapSports. A former baller herself, Amber is incredibly knowledgeable about all things sports (and Netflix). Amber (who is currently studying television writing) has a distinct way of combining her love of drama with sports, and reports with a storytelling edge like no other. She is also a self-proclaimed nerd and bookworm, who admittedly spends her free time binge-watching Insecure. For all thing sports (and occasionally other topics like whether or not woodpeckers get headaches), be sure to follow Amber on ScrapSports.