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Family, Coaches, Community: ScrapSports.

Welcome to ScrapSports, a digital sports scrapbooking platform for all your child’s sports achievements. Raising a student athlete is a labor of love, and in today’s digital world, parents need a safe place to post, share, and archive all their memories. Whether your child is prepping to go pro, or just having fun, our vision is to be the singular safe place where parents, friends, coaches, and fans can come together to bond over all their fist-pumping triumphs.

By creating squads, scrapbooks and albums around their teams, users have a permanent, centralized place for anyone to get information, photos, local news reporting and more.

Never miss a memory again with ScrapSports

Meet Niesha Butler, Founder ScrapSports

Niesha Butler is a record-breaking, barrier-busting, envelope-pushing athlete turned tech entrepreneur, with a wide variety of professional and personal experiences in between.

As a student baskeball player, Niesha consistently broke scoring records and won awards in both high school and college, leading to professional playing opportunities in the WBNA and Spain’s Premier Division. Her sports career ultimately paved the way for Niesha to transition to becoming a television and radio sports analyst for CBS Radio.

At the same time, Niesha’s love for tech and coding led her to found Kids Code, a free program that teaches children essential tech skills. Since its founding in 2016, Kids Code has provided approximately 50 children with the opportunity to learn basic programming skills. She has also volunteered for her local chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters where she has taught coding to kids.

Today, Niesha has come full circle, combining her love of sports with her passion for tech, business, and mentoring to found ScrapSports. The idea for ScrapSports was born when Niesha discovered a scrapbook on her own career that her mother had created. After seeing all the old news clips, she knew the time had come to bring this form of memory making into the digital age.

Recently admitted to the Women Entrepreneurship Initiative in Atlanta, Niesha is documenting her entrepreneurial journey for an upcoming web series, which will tell the real story of what it’s like to be a woman of color leading a tech startup. The series will culminate in a conference that pulls together all parts of the ecosystem to educate and promote minority women in tech. Niesha is a graduate of Georgia Tech, and has completed the Google Entrepreneur and CreateX incubator programs in recent years.

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